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Costa Calma is the second biggest holiday village on Fuerteventura. The beach of 1.5 km in the shape of a big bay can perfectly be used for family holidays. Rarely you find a big wave on this side of the island and therefore this place has ideal bathing conditions, also for small children. The beach goes slowly in the ocean, the water is crystal clear and the water temperature of around 20 degrees makes the heartbeat of bathing fanatics go faster!

Walking over the beach in southly directions can be extended until Morra Jable, a village ca. 21 km. away from Costa Calma. Northly the bay ends with rocks that go in the ocean. Exactly these characteristics make the bay of Costa Calma a “quiet coast”!
The village of Costa Calma creates the border of the peninsula “Jandia” on a narrow part of the Island. The Island measures only 4 km. by air at this point. Caused by this narrowness always a nice fresh wind is blowing that makes the summer temperatures bearable. These strong winds give the Island his name.  Most of the tourists are Europeans that enjoy the perfect conditions on Fuerteventura during the whole year.

Costa Calma

The village of Costa Calma is separated in 2 parts by a for Fuerteventura unusual palm garden.  As the main road goes through the palm garden the noise is reduced. The village itself offers shopping centers and restaurants as well as the normal touristic activities. You will not find a huge nightlife around Costa Calma. This is a reason for many to spend the most wonderful days of the year especially here. Although there are a few discos and bars.
The village is grounded in 1970, therefore you will not find a real city. During the time some nice restaurants, some with sea view, and bars have found their place. Also on the beach you find possibilities to order drinks and food in small restaurants or Tapa Bars.
In the Shopping centers,  „Centros Comerciales“,you can buy a large variety of holiday souvenirs as well as summer and bathing clothes, everything you need for a bathing holiday. Sunday and Wednesday a market takes place at the exit of Costa Calma
(north direction).

If you are planning trips to other places, you can easily reach almost every place with busses or taxis. You can also rent a car; the roads are of good quality. Around Costa Calma are good possibilities for mountain biking and cycling. Locally there are a various bicycle rental companies.

The average temperature is 23 degrees, the best travel time is the spring when the plants start to bloom and a lot of green can be seen.  The summer months are recommended for the sun addicted and water sport fanatics. From June until September you do not have to calculate with any rain. Also in the winter the mild climate and guaranteed sun hours invite to make a nice bathing holiday.

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